Advisory Board

Relationships are both the foundation and the inspiration for Joynin. Many thanks to the friends, colleagues, and professionals who have shared their skills and experience, and generously provided advice and counsel in the following fields:

Human Relations - You can't major in human relations in b-school, yet it is crucial to business (and personal) success. Employers need to inspire team members, and employees need to be inspired to invest in their own success, and the success of their employers. It's all about relationships.

Joynin is all about relationships. Our product empowers service professionals, giving them valuable tools and skills to do their job better, to be happier, and more successful. Joynin helps servers connect with customers, and nurture that relationship over time, for the benefit of all. Relationship building is the cornerstone of our product, and a guiding principle for how we've built our own business.

Finance - It takes more than passion for a startup to succeed. To get from idea to launch, and beyond, requires money and expertise. We're grateful for the many successful business leaders who have helped us in all things finance. From estimating cost requirements to sourcing external funding, their leadership put fuel in our tank.

Technology - There is no shortage of technology experts in San Francisco. We called upon the Bay Area's best and brightest, and threw our net wide to tap into IT genius across the country. On the front end, investors and trusted advisors have gently guided us through product development, providing feedback on features and tools to help make Joynin what it is today.

Hospitality – JoynIn’s mission is to empower service professionals to enjoy and flourish in their careers in hospitality. We reviewed our purposeful plan and shared our product with over a dozen outstanding restaurants in the San Francisco area, and they agree that, "what's good for the service staff is good for the establishment," reinforcing our belief that Joynin can deliver a WIN-WIN-WIN: better experiences for customers, more lucrative and fulfilling careers for servers, and increased revenue for proprietors.