Joyner Notes on Our Board of Directors

Bill Kish

Engages because he cares
Prefers tables overlooking the kitchen
Doesn't mind dinner at the bar
Drinks reasonably priced dry cab
Dinner is fish or 2 app entree
MSU School of Hospitality
JoynIn Chairman & CEO

John Evey

Drinks chardonnay or craft beer
Likes red wine with red meat
Fresh fish is always good
Enjoys music and theater
Hikes and likes photography
Long career with universities
Hails from Oregon (webfeet!)
Loves the San Diego sunshine

John Driver

Bombay martini with 2 olives
No red wine for the wife
Always orders appetizers
Often orders the special
2 teenagers plus 1 in middle school
Career in high tech. Wife is in medicine
Prefers booth or round table
Will order dessert
OK to be chatty

Walt Nightingale

Likes Tito Vodka straight up
Wife enjoys a nice pinot
Prefers a corner, seat away from noise
Pour him a cab with dinner
Wife will continue to enjoy pinot
Diabetic, present the low carb special
Loves a sunny drive in Seattle
Fan of Formula 1 racing

Ellis Smith

Prefers a window seat
Welcomes friendly conversation
Don't suggest cocktails
Likes to order immediately
Will ask about my favorites
Recommend the fish in season
Favorite fish is Red Snapper
Gator and Bruin fan
Likes golf